Who was Arjaan de Schipper?

Arjaan de Schipper was the man around whom the cycling in Zeeland evolved. Someone you could not skip if you wanted to be involved in the sport on two wheels.
His life was already early dedicated to cycling. In his mid-twenties, he was active in the “zeeuwse ren en tour club – Theo Middelkamp” and in the organization of the “Tour of Midden Zeeland”.
Later on, Arjaan also became a member of the board of the KNWU and directed national cycling from there. 
For a long time he was member of the sports commission of the KNWU. In the mid-eighties the moment came for him where the directing of national cycling had lasted long enough. 
In the own region he still wanted to show enthusiasm for his beloved sport. The logical step was then to become a consul of the district of Zeeland and head of the section technical matters.
A position he occupied with devotion.
As a tribute to him, we now organise this race.